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elizabeth house

Elizabeth House - UGANDA

Elizabeth House is a day centre near Mukono, in Uganda, founded in 2000 by David & Valerie Crowhurst for children with physical and mental disabilities.

The aim is to show love to the children and to give them some personal attention. God has been seen doing amazing things in these children’s lives through His love. Some are now walking; some are beginning to talk; some are learning to build relationships; some are learning to smile and laugh. If you are a parent, you know what it is like when your child gives you a smile for the first time, or when they take their first step. You feel so proud and the joy in your heart is difficult to express.

Elizabeth House also works among the families of the children, giving help where possible, providing medication, sheets, mattresses, food and so on, and trying to encourage the families in their difficult situations.

The day is split into 2 sessions with the younger children coming in the mornings and the older ones in the afternoons.  View their short video above.

Children with disabilities in Uganda are often forgotten people. Their needs are many and we hope to do all we can to show our love and care through prayer and financial support.

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